How much do you know about garage doors? Here you will find answers to all your questions and learn which kind of garage door is right for you.

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1-Layer Construction
Constructed of a 24 gauge steel or thinner steel skin with no insulation. Offers basic protection and security.


2-Layer Construction
Steel + Insulation
Constructed of a 24 gauge steel or thinner steel skin. Fitted with a layer of expanded polystyrene board insulation and a thin, protective vinyl back cover. Insulation increases energy-efficiency and soundproofing and adds greater structural integrity for quieter operation. Offers good protection and security.

3-Layer Construction
Steel + Insulation + Steel
Constructed of expanded polystyrene insulation or polyurethane insulation between two steel skins. Provides maximum energy efficiency, soundproofing and structural integrity. The quietest operating of all door types. Offers maximum protection and security.

Section Thickness

2 Inch Thickness

Door sections are made from high-strength, impact-resistant steel. Features: 1) Baked-on finish. 2) Epoxy primer. 3) Galvanized layer. 4) High strength steel. 5) Optional polystyrene insulation 6) High steel strength

1 3/8 Inch Thickness

Door sections are made from strong, rust-resistant, 24 gauge embossed galvanized steel and are coated with a baked on polyester paint finish for long life. Features: 1) Baked-on finish. 2) Epoxy primer. 3) Galvanized layer 4) High-strength steel. 5) Polyurethane insulation. 6) High strength steel.

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Finger Protection — As your garage door closes, the patented Raynor Finger Protection System™ gently pushes fingers away from section joints and out of harm’s way. Available exclusively on Raynor Affina, Centura and Relante series garage doors.

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Tamper Resistant Cable — To prevent accidents and injuries, the counterbalance cable attachment is designed to be tamper-resistant and cannot be released while the cable is under tension.

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Wireless Keyless Entry System — Access your garage door from outside without a transmitter! A keyless entry pad allows you to choose a 4-digit PIN, and you can control up to 3 different garage doors; and you can provide temporary access to authorized visitors or service personnel. Features include code security; weather resistant exterior with face cover; back-lit number pad

Energy Efficiency — Choosing an insulated garage door means increased energy efficiency, soundproofing, and quieter operation. Raynor residential garage doors include several energy efficient features designed to offer superior performance.

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Polyurethane Insulation — State-of-the-art polyurethane insulation is blown between the door’s steel skins and expands to fill 100% of the door’s interior space. This delivers the industry’s best insulation efficiency and provides for maximum structural integrity, strength and soundproofing. Provides R-values from 12.0—18.0. Available on Raynor Affina, Centura, Relante & BuildMark STS doors.

Expanded Polystyrene Insulation—Rigid, lightweight expanded polystyrene insulation provides excellent protection against noise and weather. Provides R-values from 5.0—10.25. Available on all Raynor Decade II and BuildMark SIF doors.

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Thermal Break and air seal prevent heat loss from metal-to-metal contact between inside and outside surfaces. Thermal break and air seal is available on Affina, Centura, Relante and BuildMark STS doors.

Weather Seal — To help keep out wind and rain, all Raynor garage doors feature a vinyl bottom Weather seal attached to a sturdy aluminum retainer.

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Perimeter Weather Seal — An optional perimeter weather seal creates a seal along the exterior top and sides of the door.

Hardware — Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel track and hinges—steel wheels, ball bearing rollers offer smooth, reliable operation are used on all Raynor Doors. All Raynor track is made specifically for every door ordered and can be adjusted for a precise fit.

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Hinges — Raynor hinges are made of high-quality steel and bear the weight of the door in the upright (closed) position. On Raynor Affina, Centura, and Relante doors, hinges are Powder coated for maximum protection against moisture and rust.

The EnduraCote Hardware System comes with extended life springs, track and hardware that are powder coated to provide a clean, finished look and maximum protection against rust. Nylon rollers with steel bearings also help provide superior noise reduction. This system is standard on Raynor’s Affina garage doors.

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