Artisan Custom Wood and Vinyl Garage Doors

At Artisan, building extraordinary carriage doors of custom quality is at the heart of our craft. Unrivaled in beauty and value, Artisan doors are innovatively designed and expertly assembled to accentuate the look of old-world carriage-house doors that swing, fold or slide, but operate like modern, sectional overhead garage doors.

Available in a broad range of both wood and vinyl design collections, Artisan doors are handcrafted to create architecturally pleasing details for virtually any project need. A great combination of designer styling options and available add-ons like hand-forged decorative hardware and factory finishing make Artisan an exceptional choice for any style of home.

1. How long does it take to receive Artisan doors?

Once the dealer has placed the order with the factory, it will take 3-4 weeks to build the doors, and 1 additional week for shipping and handling.

2. Can I order my Artisan doors primed or pre-finished from the factory?

Yes. Artisan offers several finishing options. The Artisan EnduraFinish is a 5-step urethane-based finishing process available in 12 standard stain colors, or custom paint colors of your choice. A second finishing option is our latex paint finish, consisting of a primer coat and two top coats in the color of your choice. We also offer a latex primer coat option.

3. Are custom door sizes available?

Yes. Artisan offers both standard and non-standard sizes. If building a new opening, it is recommended that you design your finished opening to match a standard size.

4. Are custom door designs available?

Yes. In addition to the hundreds of design possibilities from our ?
standard design collections, Artisan can handcraft a one-of-a-kind design that meets your architectural preferences.

5. What is the difference between Artisan stain-grade and paint-grade doors

A stain-grade door by Artisan is assembled using solid clear Spanish Cedar on the entire exterior face of the door. Unlike other manufacturers who may use plywood-based materials for stain purposes, resulting in de-lamination and failure, Artisan offers genuine stain-grade products made from solid woods to create the best overall value in terms of beauty and performance. A paint-?
grade door has materials suitable only for paint finishes, and thus cannot be stained.

6. If I order a stain-grade door, can a paint finish be applied

Yes. Clear Spanish Cedar has excellent finishing qualities, and therefore can be stained or painted.

7. Why does Artisan use Clear Spanish Cedar?

Clear Spanish Cedar is a hardwood that is remarkably similar to mahogany in terms of strength and beauty. It has has excellent?
woodworking and finishing qualities. Other benefits of Clear Spanish Cedar are its natural resistance to insects and decay, which make it an exceptional outdoor wood.

8. How do I stain or paint my Artisan door

We strongly recommend that you finish the door prior to installation to cover all exposed surfaces and edges. Artisan stain-grade doors can be either stained or painted. Artisan paint-grade doors, while they can be painted, cannot be stained.

If staining, we recommend the use of Sikkens wood coatings. Follow the manufacturer’s application instructions. Afterwards, apply a bead of clear silicone to all exposed seams to seal out water.

If painting, first apply a bead of silicone to all exposed seams to seal out water. Select a high-quality latex or oil house paint. Avoid using dark paint colors, as they can create excessive heat build-up, resulting in performance and warranty issues. Follow the manufacturer’s application instructions. We recommend applying one primer coat and two top coats.

9. Is there a warranty?

Yes. Artisan offers a two-year limited warranty on most models

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